Ad Astra is the hostel for Whanganui Girls’ College. It is operated by Rivercity Asset Management Ltd. Barry & Joanne Codlin, the directors of the company, are also employed as the Ad Astra directors.

Ad Astra offers care and accommodation for up to 80 girls. The communal nature of boarding life necessitates the establishment of certain rules and procedures to ensure the provision of the best care possible for the girls in our charge and the smooth operation of the household.

The overarching aim of Ad Astra is to provide a secure and caring environment in which the girls will grow and develop academically, socially, physically and morally.

Life in Ad Astra complements the broad principles of WGC where we aim to provide the best education possible for each girl so she reaches her potential and is prepared for the multitude of challenges and opportunities which life will present. Ad Astra hostel life encourages high standards and provides a positive environment for academic studies. There are also varied opportunities to participate in sport and many other cocurricular activities.

The Ad Astra staff and current Boarders look forward to welcoming the new Boarders and their families into our community. We are confident you will find your association with WGC and the Ad Astra Hostel a rewarding and enjoyable experience.

Parents and Boarders Hostel Manaul

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Contract for Admission

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