Welcome from Ad Astra & Whanganui Girls’ College...

Sending your daughter to Boarding School isn’t an easy decision; it requires adjustment for you and your daughter. Boarding will be a challenging experience for your daughter as she leaves the familiarity of home and moves to a more communal style of living. It will not always be easy but the gains to be made are enormous. Boarding provides a unique opportunity for your daughter to achieve her potential. She will be part of a close community which will help her to develop independence, self confidence and tolerance for others.

While the academic life of Whanganui Girls’ College (WGC) is a key focus for your daughter (one of the top NCEA pass rates in NZ and 100% pass rate in the Hostel for 2012,2013 & 2014 years), the boarding philosophy at ‘Ad Astra’ also strives to foster independence while responding to the individual needs, gifts and talents of each girl. Her time at Ad Astra will provide her with choices about how she spends her time and what activities she pursues so that she can determine her own experiences at school and grow as a person, not just academically. This process of growth in independence, meeting new people and pursuing her interests is often fun and very rewarding.

The primary concern of the staff is to provide your daughter with a safe and happy environment that represents, as closely as possible, a home environment. At the same time, living with a large group of girls is not the same as living with siblings. Boarding is a unique and unforgettable experience – overwhelmingly positive but not without its challenges.


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